The Victorian government has said it will look at amending laws governing the use of hate symbols after a group of protestors performed Nazi salutes outside parliament house on Saturday.

The incident occurred at a demonstration attended by supporters of British anti-transgender activist Pose Parker who was speaking at the event as part of a national tour.

A group of men, mostly masked and dressed all in black, performed the Nazi salute while they were kept separated from counter-protestors by police.

Victoria last year became the first jurisdiction in the country to ban the Nazi swastika and there are now calls for the ban to include the Nazi salute.

Chair of the anti-defamation Commissioner, Dvir Abramovich, has welcomed commitment from the government to strengthen the laws.

“It’s hard to believe that these hardcore white supremacists – who would like nothing more than to push people like myself into the gas chambers, have the law on their side.”

“Premier, you need to act now.”

Meanwhile the Victorian opposition leader will today seek to expel Liberal MP Moira Deeming from the Liberal party room after it emerged she was involved with organising, promoting and participating in the rally.