CRICKET – Channel Nines’s commentary team have  been criticized following Australias loss to India in the opening Twenty 20 match on Tuesday.

With the Australian team in a strong position to haul in Indias 3/188, the Nine commentary team began chatting with the miced up Australian cricket captain Steve Smith (pictured) while he was at the wicket.

The onfield conversations between players and commentators have been a popular part of the Big Bash coverage this season but a number of players have been dismissed while actively involved in conversations with the commentary team.

Smith, who was looking to consolidate Australias strong opening stand, found himself  asked to contribute to the commentary while facing the Indian bowling and certainly appeared to be distracted by the chat when he was dismissed.

To make matters worse for the Aussie skipper, he then copped an almighty broadside from Indian star Virat Kohli.