Candidates putting their hand up for votes in the South Australian Indigenous voice election are optimistic that it will lead to positive outcomes.

Laws to support the establishment of a voice to parliament passed the state parliament last year.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in South Australia will vote on the voice this coming Saturday.

There are 113 candidates across six regions who have put their hands up to represent Indigenous South Australians.

With the national voice failing at the referendum, some skepticism remains for South Australia’s legislated model.

Dawn Likouresis, who is a candidate for the Flinders and Upper North region, told the ABC “it’ll be good, but then I’m a bit skeptic, like how, when do we approach, are they really going to listen to us?”

Lavene Ngatokorua is another candidate for the region and says “South Australia is giving us the opportunity to go on a new route, but still giving us a Voice but within our own state”.

Candace Champion is also running for a position in the Flinders and Upper North Region and says “I’ve heard the word spin-off, I’ve heard the word watered down when it came to the SA voice to parliament”.

“But it’s a different and a unique way in which we’re trying to chip at the same cornerstone.”

Voting booths will be open between 8am and 6pm on Saturday, March 16.

More information regarding candidates can be found at