A warning for readers this story contains the Name of an Indigenous Person who has passed away.

Almost four years after teenager Kumanjayi Walker died, his family may be closer to finding out the truth behind his death.

On the 9th of November, 2019, the Warlpiri/Luritja Teenager was shot three times by former Northern Territory Constable Zachary Rolfe in the remote community of Yuendumu.

Rolfe was charged with murder after the shooting but was acquitted at the trial.

An Inquest into the death, which commenced in September 2022, has faced disruptions with Rolfe attempting to have the NT Coroner, Elizabeth Armitage, remove herself from the inquest.

Mr Rolfe said Armitage was biased because she had visited Walker’s family and her assistant held the hand of a local Elder, weeks before he was expected to give evidence.

But Armitage has now rejected the calls to step down and will continue to lead the inquest which has so far heard hundreds of hours of evidence from Walker’s family, community leaders, Aboriginal leaders and police officers.

Mr Rolfe and his former colleague Sergeant Lee Bauwens are the last two scheduled witnesses.

Kumanjayi Walker’s cousin hopes the inquest will provide the family with some much needed answers.

“Although the constant disruptions in our journey for justice have been difficult and
frustrating, we are hopeful that this decision will mean that Zachary Rolfe finally faces the

To learn the truth about our loved one’s death and for change to come, Rolfe must
answer for his actions. There is no moving forward without full truth and accountability.”

Jared Sharp is the Acting Legal Officer, From the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency.

He says Kumanjayi Walker’s family deserves to know what happened.

“We stand with the Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory and more specifically with the family and community of Kumanjayi Walker as they fight for long overdue justice and accountability.

They deserve to know the full truth about how and why their loved one died. It is time for Rolfe to take the stand in this inquest and provides answers on his actions.”