Wangkumarra/Barkindji man Sean Gordon will co-lead the Liberals for Yes campaign with former Liberal ACT Chief Minister Kate Carnell.

Polls by the Australian and the Age have shown a drop in support for the voice with the latter showing a majority not supporting the Yes campaign.

Legislation to set up the referendum has passed the lower house and is now before the senate for debate.

Mr Gordon says he is confident that the proposal can be successful in its current form.

“It’s already passed through the house, it will pass through the Senate, I don’t believe there will be any amendments to it.”

He suggests polling is being influenced by politicians grandstanding in parliament.

“The polling is coming out during the parliamentary processes and the types of debates haven’t been helpful in having genuine conversations with the Australian public.

I look forward to this getting through the parliament, getting out of the hands of the politicians and having that conversation with the Australian people.

I think the politicians are making a mess out of something that will be positive for the country.”

Sean Gordon yesterday was made a member of the order of Australia yesterday as a part of the King’s Birthday honours.