There is increasing scrutiny of the Northern Territory Government’s handling of natural disasters following devastating floods that have forced evacuations of some remote communities.

Last week multiple remote communities including Daguragu, kalkrindji and Pidgeon Hole were evacuated when a deep tropical low brought floods forcing residents to their roves to wait for help.

The weather has since tracked east, cutting off communities including Borroloola.

It has been reported that Lake Nash, a community on the Northern Territory-Queensland boarder, has run out of food after the road to Mt Isa was cut off.

Remote physician Dr Simon Quilty says he hasn’t seen an appropriate response from the NT Government.

He says he would have presumed that the Northern Territory Government would have a strategic plan for every remote community, that recognise that roads are cut off or that there are food shortages.

He says from what he’s hearing from Lake Nash, that simply hasn’t happened.

It follows criticism by Mayor of Victoria Daly Regional Council, Brian Pedwell who said local voices haven’t been heard in regards to disaster management.

Following the onset of the floods, Mr Pedwell said the NT government should have learnt from devastating floods that hit Timber Creek in December during ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie.

He also says the scale of the crisis could have been avoided if the NT Government listen to them before building in flood zones.