British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ruled out changing a law that bars the British Museum handing the Elgin Marbles back permanently to Greece.

The Sculptures which originally stood on top of the Acropolis in Athens were removed by a British diplomat in the 19th century back when Greece was still under the rule of the Ottomans.

Since Greek Independence 1832, Greece has repeatedly called for the return of the sculptures.

When speaking to reporters Sunak said that laws prohibiting the change aren’t going to be reformed.

“We share their treasures with the world, and the world comes to the UK to see them. The collection of the British Museum is protected by law, and we have no plans to change it, he said.”

The Law Sunak refers to is the 1963 British Museum Act which prevents the institution from giving away artefacts from it’s collection, except in very limited circumstances.

Currently there are 91 items flagged as Indigenous in the British Museum’s collection on display right now.