To celebrate NAIDOC Week, the National Indigenous Radio Service has developed a series of audio packages featuring NAIDOC award winners.

With COVID-19 changing when we observe NAIDOC Week from July to November and forcing the cancellation of the National NAIDOC Awards, NIRS takes a retrospective look at the week with a series of interviews with award winners from previous years.

They include Dennis Eggington, Shellie Morris, John Harding and more.  There is also a special discussion featuring Angelina Hurley and Jharal Yow Yeh who list their GOAT (Greatest of All Time) when it comes to Indigenous excellence.  

The series will be broadcast 8pm AEST each week night and available for download from our website.  

Shellie Morris – 2014 Artist of the Year

John Harding – 1992 Artist of the Year

Terri Janke – 2011 Person of the Year

Dennis Eggington – 2010 Person of the Year

Vince Coulthard – 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award