The Liberals for ‘Yes’ campaign for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament have demanded leading ‘No’ campaigner Warren Mundine to disclose full details of “secret sackings.”

The calls come after Mr Mundine confirmed he sacked two volunteers after they made racist and anti-Semitic remarks.

The group says by not releasing the full details Mr Mundine was covering up a racist scandal and failing the “important nation building test” of conducting the referendum campaign with “dignity and respect.”

Speaking on ABC Radio, Mr Mundine said the details of the incident should stay between those involved.

“That’s just between us and the couple of people we had to send off.

All they know is that I’ve got rid of them, and I don’t accept racist comments from anyone.

They’re not prominent people, they were people working for us as volunteers and that and I’m not going to accept those kind of things.

And it wasn’t particularly about Aboriginals, one was a very anti-Semitic comment, and I’m not going to wear that crap.”

Mr Mundine has also condemned comments made by Australian Jewish Association head, David Adler who is on Advance Australia’s No campaign board, after Mr Adler questioned Indigenous journalist Stan Grant’s skin tone.

Mr Mundine called the comments “bizarre”

“Stan Grant and I went to university together, we’ve been mates for over 30 years, brothers in fact we consider ourselves.

There is no question about where he comes from and no question about his Aboriginality at all.”