Gunditjmara man Travis Lovett has been appointed as the commissioner for Victoria’s Indigenous truth telling process, the Yoorrook Justice Commission

Lovett, who has worked in multiple high level positions across the Victorian public service, will begin his new role on the nation’s first truth telling process next month.

Lovett said that he feels “deeply honored” to be given the position and hopes that the recommendations generated from the commission will give way to a brighter future.

“Yoorrook is our people’s opportunity to tell Victoria our story, the full story, the truthful story.

Yoorrook offers the entire Victorian community the historic chance to listen, learn and through recommendations for change, move forward together into a better future,” he said.

Yoorook will hold two rounds of public hearings between February 27 and March 31 as part of its inquiry into the systemic injustices and disadvantages experienced by Indigenous Victorians in the state’s criminal justice and child protection systems.

The commission will then be producing a critical issues report later in the year to detail its finding and make recommendations to the state government for reform.

Image: Travis Lovett stands as the new commissioner of the Yoorrook Justice Commission (Yoorook Justice Commission Website)