The proposed construction of a radioactive waste facility on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula is a ‘political choice’ and not a ‘scientific necessity’, the Australian Conservation Foundation says.

The comment comes as a group of Traditional Owners take on the Federal government in the courts this week in what’s been described as a ‘David and Goliath’ battle.

Barngala Traditional Owners are seeking to stop the construction of the waste facility on their country, arguing they were not adequately consulted and that the process was flawed.

Australian Conservation Foundation nuclear analyst Dave Sweeney says the government is approaching the project in the wrong way.

He says we need to get the fundamentals and the foundations of radioactive waste management right and it needs to based in science, consent, transparency and evidence.

Mr Sweeney says the proposal doesn’t have any of those things and that it’s a political stich-up cooked up by the former coalition government.

The case will be heard throughout the week.

(IMAGE: StefrogZ via GreensMPs/Flickr)