Two prisoners have come down from the roof of a Queensland jail some 24 hours after scaling it to stage a protest demanding access to a drug rehab program.

The men, who reportedly asked to speak to A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw, climbed onto the roof of the Woodford Correctional Centre northwest of Brisbane around 9am on Tuesday.

They were demanding access to the Subutex program, to treat opioid dependence, and reportedly were able to reach the roof after cutting through a chain fence with a pair of toe-nail scissors.

The pair voluntarily came down from the roof around 9.30am on Wednesday.

Earlier, Ms Grimshaw said she only became aware of the protest when the story hit the news and, despite their demands, was not going to speak to the inmates.

“I have had no official approach from any of the authorities up there,” Ms Grimshaw told Channel 9.

“They’ve got on a roof and wanted to make some noise and have pulled my name out of a hat because they figure it will help them make some noise.”

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesperson said the inmates had protested peacefully and caused no threat to the safety of staff or prisoners.

The incident will be will be referred to the Corrective Services Investigation Unit for investigation – AAP

Image sourced from Brisbane Times website