A national inquiry into Missing and Murdered First Nations Women and Children heard from the families of Colleen Walker-Craig, Evelyn Greenup, and Clinton Speedy-Duroux – three Aboriginal children ranging from four to 16-years-old, who were killed in Bowraville more than 30-years-ago.

The landmark inquiry, initiated by WA Greens Senator Dorinda Cox in November 2021, is looking into the alarming number of deaths and disappearances of Indigenous women and children in Australia and held its first on-country hearings in Toormina [Coffs Harbour] last week.

According to a Four Corners investigation last year, at least 315 Indigenous women have gone missing, been murdered, or died in suspicious circumstances since the year 2000, although due to the historically unreliable reporting of missing First Nations women, figures are likely higher.

Yamatji-Noongar senator, Dorinda Cox said it was important to centre the voices of the grieving families whose heart-wrenching testimonies have highlighted the need for systemic change.

Listen to the interview with Greens Senator Dorinda Cox: