A Darwin Mum has passed an international milestone this week.

Allirra Jennings crossed the finished line as the first Aboriginal woman to run the world’s six official major marathons after competing in the Boston Marathon on Monday local time.

The Kungarakan and Gurindji woman said Boston was the hardest run on her journey across the globe, which saw her competing in New York, Chicago, Berlin, London and Tokyo.

Speaking to the ABC Jennings said she hasn’t always seen herself as a runner.

“If you would’ve said to me 10 years ago that I would be running marathons I would have laughed straight in your face,” she said.

Jennings says her motivation came from a wake up call after losing her grandmother to diabetes.

“I was weighing down the end of [my grandmother’s] hospital bed, and feeling pretty disgusted with myself.

I just made a promise, then and there, that I was going to honour the body I was given,” she said

Jennings said that she feels blessed to receive all the support she has had so far, and has no plans to hang up the joggers anytime soon, as she’s set to compete in the Berlin Marathon again in September.

“I feel guilty if I don’t run, because it’s a gift,” Jennings said.

Image Credit: Allirra Jennings Via Instagram