The Mayor of Cherbourg, an Aboriginal community just three hours north of Brisbane has said vaccination numbers are on the rise as Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk meets with locals in an effort to boost Indigenous vaccination rates.

According to Federal Government data, the small Aboriginal community has some of the lowest vaccination rates in Queensland but thanks to health workers knocking door-to-door offering jabs to anyone eligible, first jab rates are up 70 per cent and second doses are sitting around 50 per cent.

Speaking at a press conference, Cherbourg Mayor Elvie Sandow said social media misinformation has been a significant obstacle when trying to get vaccination rates up.

First Nations advocates have implored their community to get vaccinated against COVID-19, ahead of an expected case surge when states reopen for travel.

With Indigenous vaccination rates well below the levels seen in the broader community, health officials in state and territories are leading a renewed push to boost immunisation levels.

Among the areas leading a push is Queensland, where officials and government members are heading to remote communities in Cape York and Torres Strait Islands as part of a vaccination drive.

Deadly Choices Ambassador, Steve Renouf said it was important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities not to be left behind.