Students from a remote community in north-western New South Wales have attracted a lot of attention at the State school swimming finals on Friday.

Weilmoringle has about 72 people with the local school just one of the two major building in the town.

With the nearest pool is more than 200 km away, with the students learning to swim in the muddy Culgoa River that runs through the community.

Four of the schools five students qualified for the finals, however one of them had an accident on his bike and broke his wrist a week before the event.

Weilmoringle Primary Principal Robyn Watson told the ABC that everyone was devastated.

She says the poor student who broke his wrist, he was just so, so upset too.

The team were able to recruit a substitute swimmer from another school and finished the race in 6th place.

1,500 students took part but most of the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatics Centre could be heard screaming “go Weil”.

One of the students says the cheering could be heard underwater and Ms Watson says it was a wonderful event.

(IMAGE: ABC Radio Sydney: Declan Bowring)