A Noongar Yamatji teenager who lost his life on the way home from school last year has been honoured on what would should have been his 16th birthday.

Cassius Turvey’s family and friends gathered with the community in Perth yesterday to celebrate the late teen.

Flowers, hand written cards and other tributes were left at his memorial tree in Middle Swan.

In a Channel 10 exclusive, Cassius’ mother Mechelle Turvey said his first birthday since his death has been difficult.

She says “just the phrase ‘happy birthday’, there’s nothing happy about it, my boy should be here.

Now I got all these funny things coming back in my head where I used to tease him, pinch his cheeks saying ‘cant wait till your sweet 16’.

She says “he would then say I’m not sweet, that’s for girls, only thing I think about when I’m going to be 16 is getting my drivers licence.”