A report examining crime and alcohol in Alice Springs has recommended the Northern Territory government “urgently” legislate amendments to impose alcohol restrictions in Central Australia, including town camps.

Under the recommendations, which were delivered by recently appointed Central Australian controller Dorelle Anderson, the liquor laws would remain in place until alcohol management plans are developed by communities allowing them to opt out of the scheme.

Pat Anderson from the Referendum Working Group says the issue has been a “long time in the making.”

“This just didn’t happen overnight and government’s have known for a really long time that there are issues in the Northern Territory and in other jurisdictions as well.

“There’s no quick fix. The alcohol restrictions that they’re doing now – it’s a tragedy but it’s a long time in the making but successive government from all sorts of political persuasions have known about this.”

The Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will meet with NT chief minister Natasha Fyles on Thursday afternoon to discuss the report and a way forward.