PAKAM aims to develop culturally relevant media production and broadcast services by, and for remote indigenous communities in the north west of Western Australia.

PAKAM operates a satellite delivered community radio network, retransmitted in over twenty remote communities, provide technical advice and services, and deliver training and production support to our members.

PAKAM is an association of indigenous media producers and broadcasters in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia. Our members operate thirteen BRACS (Broadcasting for Remote Aboriginal Communities Scheme) community television and radio stations and six larger town-based community radio stations.

The PAKAM Radio Network provides a satellite-delivered regional service from the network hub in Broome, switching programme feeds brought by phone line and digital CODEC from fourteen member stations and sending them by lease line to the Optus C1 satellite uplink at Imparja Television in Alice Springs. This service enables the sharing of news,information, special broadcast events, music and stories by all the indigenous radio stations in the region and is retransmitted full time in over 20 remote communities scattered over a million square kilometres with a total population in excess of 7,000.

PAKAM radio programmes can also be picked up and retransmitted by other indigenous networks around the country Ì¢‰â‰ÛÏ we supply 16 hours per week to the National Indigenous Radio Service. The hugely popular Mary Geddardyu Show goes right across Australia through the PAW Radio Networks every Wednesday night.

BRACS operators also make and broadcast their own television programmes in their own communities with digital cameras and iMovie computer edit facilities.