Gapuwiyak is a community located in north-eastern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, 25 km south of the head of Buckingham Bay and about the same distance south-west of Arnhem Bay. It is adjacent to Lake Evella

The population is predominantly Yolngu, with people from 11 different Yolngu groups. Gapuwiyak was built on the land of the Gupapuyngu people but the dominant Yirritja moiety group is Dhalwangu.

Several First Nations groups live in Gapuwiyak. They are not the landowners but people who moved from their ancestral estates into the town area.

There are 11 Yolngu groups in the community and homelands.

Within their moiety, people are further classified by whether they live on or near a beach (rangipuyngu) or inland (diltjipuyngu).