MOB FM is the community radio broadcasting arm of the Mt Isa Aboriginal Media Association (MIAMA) serving the regional Indigenous community and local businesses of Mt Isa.

MIAMA owns and manages its own premises which is purchased with ATSIC funding in 1995. Like most other Indigenous Community Broadcasters across Australia, MOB FM receives ongoing support of PM&C to operate and maintain its service and to fulfil its broadcast license obligations under the ACMA.

MIAMA branched out into television and video production through its complete editing suite and four digital cameras as well as being equipped with two music recording studios.

With such a diverse range of media capabilities to provide the following services:

Corporate, educational, promotional and commercial video editing and production
Audio voice over and radio advertising production
Onsite shooting
MIAMA has won contracts with major television networks including the ABC, Channel 7 Central, IMPARJA and Channel TEN.