Welcome to the fresh new updated TAIMA/4K1G website, TAIMA is excited and looking forward to the privilege and opportunities that the radio station presents now and in the future.

4K1G-FM is Townsville’s premier First Nations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Media Association, dedicated to the production and presentation of quality radio programs and projects for and on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, particularly in the greater Townsville region.

A community broadcasting station that, for over twenty-five years, maintained a strong voice to all listeners about the major various issues and concerns relating to the empowerment, development and advancement and development of our people, whether it’s social, political and cultural.

4K1G-FM continues to play the variety of Indigenous music that’s unique to our Peoples whilst catering to broader listening audiences as well as fans of country, reggae, gospel, R’n’B and hip-hop throughout Townsville and beyond.