2XX is a community radio station based in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, and we broadcast to most of the wider ACT and regional NSW area.

For close to 40 years 2XX and shaped and inspired the culture of Canberra and been an integral voice in its diverse music community. Since its inception as the Australian National University student radio station in the early 70Ì¢‰â‰ã¢s, 2XX has become CanberraÌ¢‰â‰ã¢s largest community radio station with 2,000+ subscribers and over 100,000 listeners per week.

Broadcasting on 98.3FM and streaming online, the 2XX grid is home to over 50 programs. Ranging from current affairs to arts & culture, local music to community matters, multicultural issues to indigenous voices Ì¢‰â‰ÛÏ 2XX is dedicated to inspiring our community, champing the independent voice and refreshing the sound of Australia media. It is through programming like this that truly makes 2XX CanberraÌ¢‰â‰ã¢s most diverse and progressive broadcaster.

The people you hear on 2XX are as dedicated as they come. Every one of our 200 presenters is a volunteer broadcaster who has been drawn to our station because of our values towards creating high quality community radio. Every broadcaster has a passion for what through 2XX and are experts or devotees in what they present.

2XX has personal relationship with our listeners, because itÌ¢‰â‰ã¢s our listeners who keep us going. 2XX is a wholly independent non-profit community broadcaster which relies on public support to keep us running Ì¢‰â‰ÛÏ people powered radio. Through donations, subscriptions, local gigs and sponsorship, itÌ¢‰â‰ã¢s the Canberra people that keep 2XX broadcasting.

Soon heading into its fifth decade, 2XX will continue to grow and thrive with our community and continue to produce genuinely independent radio for all.